The MeanStreet Riders and Radio Airplay

The Riders are having a great 2011 with their first requests from radio for their music. MSR has been blown away with our first four songs added by multiple formats of radio stations including Rock, Classic Rock, Americana, Country, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Alternative Country, AOR, Southern Rock, Hot Country, Blues and Adult Contemporary with more coming in daily.
This confirms our feeling that something’s been missing from radio for years. Music that’s written from real stories about the passion of pursuing personal freedoms with an edge of rebellion, realism, and a sense of adventure that seems to be missing from the music scene for a while.

Some of our new fans at radio include interest from the Houston Texas Rock Station “The Buzz 94.5”, and rotation at the following stations from across the US and England, The Eagle 97,,, ,,, ,,,,,, , , Three Alarm Radio, B109 the Rock Station, Chief Jack Radio California, SkyDogs Red Dirt Radio Texas , Planet Voodoo Radio, Constant Country KRS , and BRCFP broadcast from England.


3 Responses to “The MeanStreet Riders and Radio Airplay”

  1. Skydog’s Red Dirt Radio is proud to have the MeanStreet boys on board! We LOVE real music….and they’ve got it!
    Hear what Nashville’s AFRAID of : real music!

  2. MeanStreet Rider’s Rock !!! Hello everyone Capt 420 here of Rock Your Island. Music Chat & More. We have just recently added MeanStreet Rider’s to our stations play list and have been getting great possitive feedback from our listeners. As a southern person raised on rock, bikes & beer, this group fits right into my listening pleasure. We play a wide variety of music on RYI, in a variety of genres and MeanStreet Rider’s can fit in well within several of them. Keep up the awesome work, stay safe on the road and ride those Harley’s proudly. PLnJ from Team RYI and Capt 420.

  3. We are also adding some MeanStreet Riders music to our playlist this week.

    Big D Country, an Internet station based in Tallahassee, Fla., plays a blend of both classic and new country – and we’re pleased to add the MeanStreet Riders to the “new” category!

    And..we are LIVE every weekday morning from 7 to 11 a.m. We’d love to have you join us!

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