The Riders Get More Radio airplay and their music licensed

The Riders were guests on the open range last night with an interview from The Rock N Roll Ranch Tuesday night Feb 1st. The interview can be heard at

The radio exposure this past week continued with another 57 stations requesting presskits and all of the Riders first four songs have been selected by EOS Music and Applied Media Technologies Corp to be heard in thousands of business locations across the country. From Taco Bell to Ford Dealerships to Marriott Hotels the Riders are now “ On the Air” AMTC is one the nation’s top providers of business background music and is the national distributor of SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.

The Riders also wanted to thank EOS Music and Applied Media Technologies and many of the recent radio stations adding them including Radio 5150, Boogie and Blues Radio, Rockland USA, Rock Space Radio, Hog Shed Radio, RockinuRadio, Blast FM, All Irish Radio, Cover Runner Radio, Troubadour Lounge Radio, Frank’s Americana, The Zebra, Scared Cat Radio, Hammond Organ Radio, R@dio Dimension, MidWest Radio Online, Outside The Dial Radio, Lost Chances Radio, Marty H Live, Absolute Spazz Radio, Sunset Blvd Mellow and Vinyl Confessions.
Stay tuned for release dates for the debut album for the Riders which should be very soon!


3 Responses to “The Riders Get More Radio airplay and their music licensed”

  1. “High On The Hog” is rating 4 out of 5 stars with our listeners this month (January) and came in 9th on the Weekly Up-and-Comers Top Ten. NOT TOO BAD!! Rock on, my Red Dirt Brothers!

    Skydog’s Red Dirt Radio

    PS We’re ranked Number 1 Alt-Country station on…Keep Spreadin’ The Dirt ! !

  2. High On The Hog and I’ve Had A Good Ride on rotation in the playlist right now. Ratings are good, people wanna hear more! All the best, Kilas.

  3. MeanStreet Riders fit right in with the No Wonder Internet Radio sound. ‘High on the Hog’ ‘Rollin’ On’ and ‘129’ are a few of the great tracks that we are pleased to add to our playlist. Lookin’ forward to much more!

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