About the MeanStreet Riders

The MeanStreet Riders rock music group formed in the fall of 2008 from a group of songwriters that both ride and write music about their love of the open road and the freedom it brings.

The Mean Street Riders debut LP due in the spring of 2010 stretches across a wide gamet of Americana and speaks to a culture that sees life, liberty and freedom being challenged more and more everyday in this ever growing rapidly changing world. From the title track “High on the Hog” which is about comaradary, deep rooted friendship and not being caught up in the status quo to the ballad “ Rolling On” which deals with getting away from the day to day pressures and the pursuit to simply be free and ride with the wind in your hair. The song “Ive had a good ride” makes you think and ask yourself at the end of the day, or possibly your life “have I had a good ride?”
The song “Where I was born” is rich is riders harmonies and is about a veterans triumphant return back home to his bike and his family after defending our great country.

The rest of the LP is nestled deep in Americana rock, with country overtones and arrangements about family, friends, relationships, roads , trips, towns and how the American dream about freedom and how the pursuit of it seems to be continually challenged and shaped by the media, corporations and government bureaucracy.
The incredible growth of the motorcycle community in the past few years is the result of millions of people in the world wanting their freedom back and hitting the road to discover some great times good friends and maybe…. themselves again.
The MeanStreet Riders not only speak to those people but people in all walks of life in more than just words and invite them to go somewhere they haven’t been before and discover this great country and world before it might be too late.


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