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MeanStreet Riders Get “High On The Hog” With Latest Release

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Motorcycle-Riding & Freedom Loving Rockers Release Debut Album & Rockumentary Sept 13th
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 07, 2011
The embodiment of personal freedom – life, liberty and rock n’ roll – is undoubtedly the MeanStreet Riders. With the release of their debut album “High on the Hog,” on Sept 13th, these motorcycle riding, freedom-loving songwriters have turned their passion for the freedom and the open road into an album of Country-tinged, pure American rock n’ roll. Accompanying the release of their album is a rockumentary short film documenting their inspired story.
The MeanStreet Riders were formed in 2008 by a group of Florida-based songwriters who shared a mutual passion for riding motorcycles and freedom. What started out as an adventurous ride through the southern United States, culminating at the ”Dragon” an 11-mile stretch of road with 318 curves on the Tennessee /North Carolina border on US Highway 129. It was on this trip that Shannon Wallace, (guitars/vocals); Dowlin Mayfield, (guitars/vocals); Greg Torres, (keyboards/vocals); Eric Lampley, (bass/vocals); and Kevin LaCour, (drums/vocals) turned a motorcycle road trip into a life-changing musical journey that extends far beyond that legendary stretch of asphalt.
From the authentic, guitar-driven, Blues-Rock title track, High on the Hog that tells the tale of camaraderie and individuality – to the heartfelt ballad Rolling On which regales the rebellious spirit of the characters played Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in the classic motorcycle movie, “Easy Rider” – MeanStreet Riders’ sound runs the gamut of American Rock, Country and Blues.
The Riders incorporate their own experiences on the road into their music. For example, I’ve Had a Good Ride is a harmony-rich song based on a return to the infamous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in Sturgis, South Dakota. The Country-tinged, acoustic track Where I Was Born tells the tale of a father sharing a ride with his two sons across rural America.
“The incredible growth of the motorcycle community in the past few years is the result of millions of people in the world wanting their freedom back and hitting the road to discover some great times, good friends and even themselves again,” says Dowlin Mayfield. The “MeanStreet Riders speak to people from all walks of life to go somewhere they haven’t been before and discover this great country and world.”
This record is an album about family, friends, relationships and road trips; the American dream of freedom – and the pursuit of it. These bluesy rockers with a passion of personal freedom believe that, “life’s too short for traffic– so rock n’ roll on the open road.”
What they’re saying…
Iron Works Magazine are giving the Riders a thumbs up for the album track by track with all 10 songs. Iron Works said “the Riders have created music that will “haunt your soul.” “The boys have taken the feeling of riding and translated it to harmonies, strung chords, picked strings and driving compression”. With Comparisons to Jackson Browne, Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top and Shooter Jennings and saying its “Southern Rock Done Right!
The Riders are also getting another thumbs up from The Biker Hotline magazine The world’s largest online magazine for Riders. Jack Lawford, the magazine’s editor, says its “Foot Stompin’ and it’s an album that once it goes in your CD player, it ain’t coming back out any time soon!” and “Guaranteed to have your feet keepin’ the beat with a number of the songs, especially “I’ve Had a Good Ride”, where the lyrics reflect many things bikers hold as a God-given right including the freedom to ride the open road in the company of their brothers.”
Harley Girl says The MeanStreet Riders sound a lot like the Eagles. I also heard a little Molly Hatchet influence and there was a bluesy Allman Brothers feel too. I would recommend this CD as a travel enhancement for your next ride since the songs are very motorcycle and riding related. It would also be a great CD to add into your next party music rotation. After listening to the CD multiple times I found myself singing along.
Listen to the album here!
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The Riders continue to gather great reviews from Riding Magazines across the world about their debut album

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More Riding magazines around the US and the world are getting their first copies of the debut album and more reviews are continuing to come in.
Cycle Matters Editor says the album is “Creative and engaging! That’s how we experienced High On The Hog, the debut album by the MeanStreet Riders rock music group. High on the Hog is music for dreaming about future adventures, rolling down the highway, and destinations.
Austin City Music says “the Country-Rock/Americana band Mean Street Riders are gaining National attention for their strong instrumentations and lyrics pertaining to the story of culture and motorcyclists and their freedom while enjoying “love of the open road”. Similar to the sounds of The Eagles, MeanStreet Riders are offering a unique approach to their music by singing lyrics on a wide range of topics including camaraderie and freedom compares the Riders to Jackson Brown, The Allman Brothers ZZ Top and many others.

The Riders have over 28,000 fans in 80 countries that follow them on facebook already.

The Riders debut album will be distributed world wide in July from a major distribution co, details will be released soon.
For press inqurieries on the Riders contact

The MeanStreet Riders featured on Motorcycle Event News Christmas Wish List

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The MeanStreet Riders were recently featured on “Bike Week News” Christmas “Wish list” of the most popular music, albums and artists of all time sought after by motorcyclists around the world. Albums from Bruce Springsteen including the new album “The Promise” Darkness on the Edge of Town, and the groups Aerosmith, The Charlie Daniels band, The Doobie Brothers, David Allen Coe, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and Willie Nelson also made the “wish list”. The Riders are honored to be chosen to be in this list with this group of incredible artists and albums.Their debut album with their first 10 songs will be released in Feb 2011. More details to follow soon.