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The MeanStreet Riders Riding Across the West

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The MeanStreet Riders are currently on a 2300 mile ride across many of the western states exploring Route 66, Sedona, The Grand Canyon Utah , Easy Rider filming locations and Americana.
The Riders get inspiration for their music by getting off the beaten path and exploring highways that most of America doesn’t drive anymore because so many are in a rush these days.Many of these highways have been bypassed by the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Their offramps are littered by hotels from corporations that offer cookie cutter accomodations with little or no history about the building or people that were here before them and thus no stories from interesting people that have been passed down through generations. By exploring the places and people that still live and work along these roads the Riders are able to meet and be inspired by some of the world’s most interesting places and people and travel back to a time when being on the road was a great adventure waiting to be had by anyone ready for it.
Once the Riders made it to LasVegas and explored the north part of RedRocks just north ofLasVegas they came across an intersting Ghost Town called Boiling Springs. Mary and the Riders met Stephan the bartender who was from SanFrancisco and had many great stories to tell about how the place was founded in the 1940s and how the original owner was still there.The Riders then rode south to Kingman Az and caught one of the longest stretches of Route 66 that still exhists to the world today to the famous Hackberry Store. They had a chance to say hello to Thurmon the owner and met fans all the way from Canada that were riding Route 66 themselves. They then rode south to Prescott Arizona where the movie Billy Jack was filmed and then took highway 89a a great twisty road with plenty of challenging riding to an awesome town of Jerome Az that sits on one of the largest copper mines in Az. Getting into Jerome late Saturday night allowed them to meet a few local bikers and visit but there wasnt a room to be had and most of the hotel rooms in Jerome are said to be haunted so we then rode down to Cottonwood Az.We ended up staying at a great place for bikers with a view of the entire area called The View. The View has plenty of Hollywood history as it was once owned by Lucille Balls brother and is still owned by her family and is very Biker friendly.It sit atop one of the highest points of Cottonwood and has an incredible view of the surrounding hills and area.
Next morning we then packed our bags and rode into Sedona Az and turned right on Airport Road which gives you some of the most incredible view of the areas rock foundations. Airport Road is worth the few minutes off of main street.
We then took 89a to Flagstaff and connected to Interstate 40 to Winslow Az where Jackson Browne wrote the song “Take it Easy” while standing on a corner. While in Winslow at Standing on a Corner we ran into more fans from California that said they enjoy our music on a Rock station out there. Its really cool to run into fans anywhere but especially in Winslow AZ. MeanStreet Mary and members of the band signed a few autographs and we had a chance to talk with everyone and make sure they all had personalized signed cds and some extra bandanas we allways carry. We also ran into the brother in law of the Sheriff that arrested Jackson Browne in Winslow on that corner 30 years ago. He said the real story is Jackson was arrested for public drunk on that corner and when released hung out around town for a few more weeks then wrote “Take it easy” The rest is history.
Were now headed back info FlagStaff to explore more of Route 66 and the route that the fim crew and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper took while filming the movie Easy Rider took over 40 years ago. 2300 miles so far we will keep you updated as our adventure continues into May and early June.

Rock n Roll on the Open Road!


The Riders continue to gather great reviews from Riding Magazines across the world about their debut album

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More Riding magazines around the US and the world are getting their first copies of the debut album and more reviews are continuing to come in.
Cycle Matters Editor says the album is “Creative and engaging! That’s how we experienced High On The Hog, the debut album by the MeanStreet Riders rock music group. High on the Hog is music for dreaming about future adventures, rolling down the highway, and destinations.
Austin City Music says “the Country-Rock/Americana band Mean Street Riders are gaining National attention for their strong instrumentations and lyrics pertaining to the story of culture and motorcyclists and their freedom while enjoying “love of the open road”. Similar to the sounds of The Eagles, MeanStreet Riders are offering a unique approach to their music by singing lyrics on a wide range of topics including camaraderie and freedom compares the Riders to Jackson Brown, The Allman Brothers ZZ Top and many others.

The Riders have over 28,000 fans in 80 countries that follow them on facebook already.

The Riders debut album will be distributed world wide in July from a major distribution co, details will be released soon.
For press inqurieries on the Riders contact

The Riders Get More Radio airplay and their music licensed

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The Riders were guests on the open range last night with an interview from The Rock N Roll Ranch Tuesday night Feb 1st. The interview can be heard at

The radio exposure this past week continued with another 57 stations requesting presskits and all of the Riders first four songs have been selected by EOS Music and Applied Media Technologies Corp to be heard in thousands of business locations across the country. From Taco Bell to Ford Dealerships to Marriott Hotels the Riders are now “ On the Air” AMTC is one the nation’s top providers of business background music and is the national distributor of SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.

The Riders also wanted to thank EOS Music and Applied Media Technologies and many of the recent radio stations adding them including Radio 5150, Boogie and Blues Radio, Rockland USA, Rock Space Radio, Hog Shed Radio, RockinuRadio, Blast FM, All Irish Radio, Cover Runner Radio, Troubadour Lounge Radio, Frank’s Americana, The Zebra, Scared Cat Radio, Hammond Organ Radio, R@dio Dimension, MidWest Radio Online, Outside The Dial Radio, Lost Chances Radio, Marty H Live, Absolute Spazz Radio, Sunset Blvd Mellow and Vinyl Confessions.
Stay tuned for release dates for the debut album for the Riders which should be very soon!

The MeanStreet Riders and Radio Airplay

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The Riders are having a great 2011 with their first requests from radio for their music. MSR has been blown away with our first four songs added by multiple formats of radio stations including Rock, Classic Rock, Americana, Country, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Alternative Country, AOR, Southern Rock, Hot Country, Blues and Adult Contemporary with more coming in daily.
This confirms our feeling that something’s been missing from radio for years. Music that’s written from real stories about the passion of pursuing personal freedoms with an edge of rebellion, realism, and a sense of adventure that seems to be missing from the music scene for a while.

Some of our new fans at radio include interest from the Houston Texas Rock Station “The Buzz 94.5”, and rotation at the following stations from across the US and England, The Eagle 97,,, ,,, ,,,,,, , , Three Alarm Radio, B109 the Rock Station, Chief Jack Radio California, SkyDogs Red Dirt Radio Texas , Planet Voodoo Radio, Constant Country KRS , and BRCFP broadcast from England.

The MeanStreet Riders Hang at Ma’s Roadhouse

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The MeanStreet Riders recently had a chance to stop in and see their friends from the hit TV show Ma’s Roadhouse at Strokers in Dallas. Meghan took the Riders for a tour of Strokers where many of the shows are filmed and MSR got a chance to see some of Rick’s customized bikes in progress and cool paint designs from his 60s themed tie …dye to his Beatles bike and the MillerLite chopper. Rick’s customizing skills are a testament to the old school 60’s rock n roll riding culture with new school technology and something even Ma will have to admit he’s an ace at ? C’mon Ma give your son a thumbs up he’s earned it.